Your Boutique Policy and Communications Partner

JDM Public Strategies stands as a boutique public policy and communications firm boasting over 20 years of robust experience in the nation's capital. Our cornerstone lies in providing exceptional counsel and advocacy to clients grappling with high-level public policy challenges. JDM extends its services beyond the norm. We provide support for Congressional investigations, aid in preparing for Congressional testimony, and specialize in crisis communications.

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Personalized Attention from an Industry Expert

At JDM, every client receives personalized attention directly from our Firm Founder and President, John McMickle. With an extensive background as a former Counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee and a partner in the government affairs department of a major international law firm, John brings unparalleled expertise to the table.

Specialization in Core Policy Issues

JDM specializes in four pivotal policy realms: civil justice reform, tax reform, financial services, and intellectual property. Our depth of knowledge and experience in these areas allows us to craft precise and effective strategies for our clients.

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Navigating Complex Policy Landscapes

Whether you're navigating critical policy challenges or seeking strategic guidance, JDM Public Strategies is your trusted ally. Our dedication to tailored solutions and exceptional advocacy ensures that your objectives are not just met but surpassed. For more information, feel free to get in touch.