John McMickle: Former Senate Judiciary Counsel & Policy Expert

JDM Public Strategies, LLC was founded by John McMickle, who currently serves as President of the firm. From 1995-2001, John McMickle was a Counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee. After leaving the Hill, John McMickle served for several years as a partner in the government affairs department of a major international law firm. Mr. McMickle received a B.A. from the University of Tennessee in 1989 and a J.D. from American University, Washington College of Law in 1994. John McMickle's publication credits include:

  • Co-author of the Bankruptcy Code Manual, a legal guide to bankruptcy law published by Thomson Publishing (2004-2010).
  • Author, “Trade-In Value and Auto Loans After Bankruptcy Reform,” The Bankruptcy Strategist, November/December 2009 (Part I, Part II)
  • Author, “Living Expenses in Chapter 13: A Fresh Look at the Legislative History of Bankruptcy Reform,” American Bankruptcy Institute Journal, February 2008.
  • John McMickle is a frequent panelist on bankruptcy policy issues.
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John's New Book

The Block: A Cryptocurrency Private Eye Mystery

In the year 2050, the world has experienced a near-total economic collapse, destroying the global monetary system. After years of struggle, a new form of exchange arose: cryptocurrencies called scripts, digital IOUs centrally managed through programs called blockchains. And the ambitious Proctors, who control the blocks, restlessly seek to expand their power.